Pizza Making Dough!

Pizza is one the most global and famous dishes in the globe. We remember pizza as a flat round bread which normally topped with tomatoes, sauce, and cheese/mushroom/chicken. There are lots of restaurants and huts that will provide finest pizzas in San Jose. With just a call, you will get a fast pizza delivery for almost every pizza restaurants in San Jose. But what if someone wants to try making pizza at their own home. Let’s discuss one of the main process of pizza making, which is, making pizza dough.

The practice of dough making has been conducted since ages but mastering the perfection is a cumbersome job. With no special machinery at disposal, hands will be used to prepare the dough. A large mixing bowl, measuring cup, measuring spoons, a large whisk or wooden mixing spoon and some kitchen film are required though.

Firstly, sugar is dissolved in the warm water poured in a large mixing bowl. Yeast of 1-1/4 Oz envelope is stirred in the water. In order to make yeast active, the mixture is allowed to settle down for at least 10 minutes. After a while, the mixture will become foamy and cloudy. Olive oil is added to the mixture and the 3 cups of flour is added afterwards.  The mixture is whisked until the mixture is completely smooth. Hands are then used to ensure all of the dry flour has amassed into a moistened dough. In order to kneed, the dough is taken out from the bowl to the tabletop surfaced with flour. Whatever the process one may use to knead, the dough must be kneaded into a silky and smooth ball. The dough is then coated with olive oil and placed into a bowl which too has been coated with olive oil.

Then, the dough is transformed into a pizza pan. The transformation can be done using various methods – be they sheeting, pressing or hand tossing. Using any of these methods, a rough pizza dough is made into a pizza pan.