Pizza was made famous by the Raffaele Esposito who created pizza in his restaurant Pizzeria di Pietro in Campania, 1889. He invented the pizza in the occasion of the arriving Italian kind and queen. The only two true pizzas – the Marinara and the Margherita are the famous of all. These two pizzas are still most preferred pizza by the Italians.

The pizza was later introduced in United States in 19th century by the Italian immigrants. At first it was only limited to the immigrant Italians but later on, everyone else started the consumption of pizza and it slowly became famous. As the time passed, there has been introduction of various types of pizza. The Neapolitan pizzas were typically made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The varieties of pizzas originated from various cities in Italy. Pizza romana, pizza vienesse, pizza capricciosa, pizza Bianca are some of the different varieties of pizzas. While in United States, there were many other types of pizzas that came into existence bearing some resemblance from the Italian pizzas. Chicago made deep-dish pizza, while in Detroit we could find twice-baked style with cheese pizza. New haven style pizza of New York has a very thin crust and added cheese only on customers demand. Nowadays, you can also find frozen pizza in the market which you can later heat it in the oven. There are many restaurants that offer you various types of pizza as for your choice.

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